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I recently bought a "Time Bandits" lobby card in the hopes that I can get an autograph from Mr. Warner, which gives me a much needed excuse to finally sit down and write him a fanletter/maybe do some art for him. I've been meaning to write to him for nearly ten years now but I've been too afraid as coming off as cheesy or obsessive, though I'm sure I'm overthinking things, as usual. I was just curious to hear from fans who have sent him letters in the past and/or gotten autographs, have you gotten replies from him or have any fun stories to tell?

From what I've heard, he seems like a really sweet, down-to-earth man and I'm really glad to finally be doing this. 

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I wish I had the nerve but I don't. Did you do it? I know exactly how you feel, you want someone to know they're appreciated but you don't know whether they want that or whether you'll come off as weird because we don't actually know him in person but we grew up with his films and they shaped us and we just want them to know how we feel. Ugh. Dilemma. Forum is quiet but glad there are still peeps here, again I would love to know if you plucked up the courage. Best wishes! Break a leg as they say, but not literally. 

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In 2001 DW was (brilliantly) playing Andrew Undershaft in MAJOR BARBARA in NY. He turned 60 during the run and I sent a card. He wrote back a most gracious note, which I cherish. So yes, write to him! If you have an address, please share.
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