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Forum Home > David Warner Films > Drive. Independent Film written, produced and directed by Jefery Levy, starring David Warner. Winner of numerous festival awards.

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Tonight I watched Drive on Amazon Prime. Filmed in 1991 in black and white, it follows David Warner as the driver and Steven Antin as his young passenger as they make their daily commute to work. The naivety of youth meets the wisdom of age yet both are equally battered by the banalities of life. David is at his mobile, expressive, most mischievous and heartbreaking best. He delivers intense monologues and streams of consciousness with a joie de vivre that becomes ever more weary as he relives themes from the past and ponders the future through the unfortunate circumstances of his younger friend. The young man's irritation slowly transforms into a grudging respect and understanding just as the older man begins to lose hope and crumble. They meet in the middle for a brief moment of happiness, dancing and pulling faces to music on the radio. 

10 out of 10. Would recommend.

"Being with someone else makes me lonelier." - the Driver

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Having now watched Drive three times, kudos to writer Colin Macleod for being amazingly prophetic in some of the monologues spoken by David's character. Discourses on IBM vs Apple, the rise of feminism (and its consequences), governments controlling the population, declining birth rates, the fundamental differences between men and women. Being an independent person and yet just a cog in a wheel. Keeping it together while falling apart. Self-love, self-hatred, loneliness and boredom. Breaking up with other people. Trying to destroy them so you can become what they are. Love versus lust. Both have failed relationships behind them, both cling to the remnants of their shattered masculinity. "What is ahead of us is the same as what is behind us."

You will get something different out of this film each time you see it. I have plenty of screencaps if there is a way to get them into the gallery.

"I collect my thoughts. They fill me up. Words spill out. And I pass over them. On and on, and again and again. And on I just drive until I stop."

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