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Blue borsalino

Here you will find information on the short film Blue borsalino.


 News that David will feature in the new short film 'Blue Borsalino'. Director of the short feature Mark Lobatto has sent over details of the filming and which you can read below. You can also find social media links for the film and the original Kickstarter page where the film was funded and read even more about the film and the rest of the team involved in making 'Blue Borsalino'

 'When his first and only client abruptly awakes from a coma, a retired private investigator must reveal truths to her that have cast shadows over his life for close to fifty years.'

 Above David Warner As Ernie Child In 'Blue Borsalino'

Director Mark Lobatto added:-

 We shot over 5 days across Greater London and the Essex estuary. There was a great deal to shoot but it was well planned and we had superb and committed cast and crew, which means i'm thrilled with the results.

It's rather ambitious for a short film to have such diversity of setting and time, but it's come together in an exciting way, and we're looking forward to be able to share it with as wide an audience as possible. After our private crew screening in a couple of months we will be submitting to a host of international film festivals.
David Warner plays the lead role of Ernie Child and he brought tremendous depth and subtlety to the character. It was a great honour and pleasure to work with David. He was always patient and generous with his time, and committed to the part. Truly a rewarding experience discussing the scenes through with David and reaching new moments of clarity thanks to his direct input. He added to the lovely atmosphere on set, and his fellow co-stars adored him.
You can find out lots more about 'Blue Borsalino' at the following links
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