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David Warner Short Interview - 2008

London Film And Comic Con July 2008

The Second Interview is short but is from when I met David briefly at London in 2008.I heard David was appearing at a London Show I thought it would be great chance to ask him a few questions, It was good to finally meet him in person and he was very friendly, kind and took his time to talk, even though he was very busy.


                Me And David                                                         Me And David              


S.G - First of all David I think you are an absolute legend, I've been a big fan of your work since I first saw you on T.V one night in 'nightwing'      

D.W Thank you very much.

S.G I'd brought a rare 'Tripwire' poster with me to get signed, as one of my favourite Action features that starred David and the poster has him with this giant machine gun and thought it would be interesting topic to start with:

 D.W Amazing!, I've never seen one of these before, I can't beleive thats actually me, I like it how they put from a team who have worked on Die Hard, Cobra, and Back To To The Future to sell the picture.

S.G Any memories from the movie?

D.W Well I remember making it, it had a good cast Yaphet Kotto and a young Viggo Mortensen, then David laughs and says you know? I never saw the film finished!

S.G It turned out good and that team of special effects guys made the stunts and action pretty realistic.I'll have to send you a copy!

S.G What has been some of your favourite roles?

D.W I enjoyed working with Sam Peckinpah and they are some of my favourite films, I enjoyed the Ballad Of Cable Hogue and it is a shame it didn't get out there more.

S.G How is it you became uncredited for Straw Dogs?

D.W The part came up and Sam Peckinpah said that something to do with the credits wouldn't get my name on, it was nothing  to do with insurance like the rumours and I said to Sam i'll just do the film uncredited it was that simple.

S.G I then got my belgian 'nightwing' out for David to sign.

 D.W David has another laugh at this one as there are bats attacking a rather attractive lady, you know this doesn't happen in the film either! 

S.G This was the first film I saw you in late night on T.V

D.W I enjoyed playing the hero for a change.

S.G I then got my last piece of memorabilia signed, my waxwork dvd sleeve, I asked David if he could put his famous quote of 'would you like a closer look'



D.W David signs the dvd and asks me to remind him of the line again, you know I've made a lot of films!

S.G I shook David's hand and thanked him for his time and grabbed a picture with him at the desk.

D.W Thank you so much for coming. 


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