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Midsomer Murders - Press Interview 2011

 David Warner Returns To U.K Television screens in ITV's Popular 'Midsomer Murders' As A Retired Racing Driver Peter Fossett, Read Below What David Had To Say About The Show.

 David Warner plays Peter Fossett

Film star David Warner was delighted to make his MIDSOMER MURDERS debut in “Death in the Slow Lane”.

 “I am an avid watcher of the series and I always wondered why I wasn’t one of the members of Equity they called on. And so it came to pass!”

David plays Peter Fossett, a retired racing driver and car buff.

Peter is an interesting character to play – he’s good fun. At my age I get offered a lot of older parts and they often have a health problem or have Alzheimer’s. So I’ve played a lot of sick people. Peter is old but he’s not at death’s door, he’s an active man. That was good.

I had a traditional look but we kept it simple, not eccentric. I put my foot down at a cravat.”

Adds David: “I know nothing about classic cars and I don’t even have a driving licence in England. I do have one for the US, but fortunately I didn’t have to drive for the role.”

The episode meant working with Samantha Bond, who plays Peter’s daughter Kate Cameron.

Samantha and I have played scrabble on the internet after a mutual friend introduced us, so that was our link rather than acting. She was fabulous, tremendous fun to work with.”

He also enjoyed being part of Neil Dudgeon’s first episode in the starring role.

There was a buzz about it as it was the first one with Neil as the lead. I’d seen him playing the cousin in one of the previous episodes and I could tell he had a wonderful naturalness about him. As far as I’m concerned it’s like Matt Smith taking over from David Tennant as Doctor Who. I think both of them have done it brilliantly.

There’s a quality about Neil that you really like. I believe that viewers will just fall in with him and like him. He’s very watchable and real and has brought wonderful humour to the character.”

David returned to the UK in 2000 after living in America for 15 years. “I have a son in the States but I’m very happy to be back home - it’s my compass,” he says.


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