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The Scarifyers

Here you will find information on the audio hit 'The Scarifyers' which Stars David Warner, it is produced and directed by Simon Barnard from Bafflegab Productions. Read below for details of the episodes available and where to buy it from direct from

Professor Dunning (Terry Molloy) is finding the business of single-handedly saving Great Britain from the forces of darkness rather taxing.

And Lionheart? Lionheart is missing.

When the only clue to his disappearance seems to lie in a twenty-year-old murder investigation, Dunning turns to the one man who might have the answers: Lionheart’s erstwhile colleague Harry ‘Thumper’ Crow (David Warner).

Harry doesn’t hold with supernaturalism, but over the next few days he’s going to see some very strange things indeed: a string of murdered magicians, a dead music-hall star come back to life, and a pensioner from the depths of hell.

Can Crow and Dunning find Lionheart? A terrible truth awaits, as they unearth the long-buried secrets of THE MAGIC CIRCLE.

This is the sixth adventure of THE SCARIFYERS.

Brand New Scarifyers - The Horror Of Lochness Now Available From Cosmic Hobo!

A brand new episode of the Scarifyers is now available from Bafflegab Productions, titled The Horror Of Loch Ness! it also features the late Philip Madoc who starred with David many years ago in Welsh Police Detective series 'A Mind To Kill'.

See below for the full synopsis and terrific artwork, it can be purchased from the Bafflegab Website now, (Click Here)

David And Terry Molloy, Left Picture - David And Philip Madoc in 'A Mind To Kill' (Right)

Celebrated speed ace Sir Malcolm Campbell (Alex Lowe) is carrying out speed trials on Loch Ness when a bank of fog suddenly descends. When it lifts, Sir Malcolm and his boat have mysteriously vanished...

MI:13’s Harry Crow (David Warner) and Professor Dunning (Terry Molloy) are soon shaking up the sleepy loch-side village of Inverfarigaig. Aided by kindly local GP Dr Pippin (Philip Madoc), they discover a connection to the erstwhile Laird of Boleskine and Abertarff - occultist, bon viveur and occasional nudist Aleister Crowley (David Benson).

Crow and Dunning swiftly realise that there’s more to Inverfarigaig than meets the eye: fraudulent Nessie hunters, demonic bed sheets, Caledonian witches and things that go bump in the night. Joined by Crowley, their investigations into Sir Malcolm’s disappearance will lead them into terrible danger, as an old foe threatens to unleash...


This is the seventh adventure of THE SCARIFYERS.

New Scarifyers Release - The Thirteen Hallows Out On December 3rd 2012 From Cosmic Hobo

The excellent Scarifyers series continues this December with the 3rd release which stars David Warner entitled The Thirteen Hallows. It also features the other Star of the series Terry Molloy and guest stars Gareth David Lloyd. The fantastic artwork and synopsis is below click on it to go to Producer and Directors Simon Barnard's Bafflegab Website where you can order this and previous titles of the Scarifyers.


When a haunted chess set causes consternation at the British Chess Championships, and a horse magically materialises in Kettering Agricultural Museum, MI:13 are called to investigate.

Harry Crow (David Warner) and Professor Dunning (Terry Molloy) follow the trail of inexplicable happenings to an unremarkable terraced house in South Wales, home to the mysterious Mr Merriman (David Benson). He’s very old, and very mad; but is there more to Merriman than first appears?

Meanwhile, in the South West of England, famed archaeologist Ralegh Radford (Ewan Bailey) is on the verge of the greatest discovery of the age. Britain’s Tutankhamen, the press are calling it. But what he certainly isn’t expecting to unearth is boisterous 1400-year-old knight Glewlwyd Gafaelfawr (Gareth David-Lloyd).

As Crow and Dunning unravel an unlikely plot to resurrect Britain’s greatest-ever hero, the race is on to stop sinister forces at home and abroad from finding… THE THIRTEEN HALLOWS.


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